About Us

We are open every day from 12pm because ‘life is too short to live for the weekend’. Mid-week our venue is the perfect location to meet with friends or colleagues with great food, a relaxed atmosphere and Free Wifi! Escape the office or the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day.

When the weekend arrives, Mustard & Rye is the place to be. With Live Entertainment every Friday and exquisite cocktails, we’re the best out-of-town venue in Swansea.

Why not talk to us about hiring the venue for a private party.


Live Music Friday

Every Friday we have Live music at Mustard and Rye


The Food

Our style is simple, down to earth ‘real food’ freshly made with proper, locally-sourced ingredients. We offer a vast selection of delicious small plates and platters (because sharing is caring) to hearty mains.

Our authentic homemade tapas menu is perfect for a casual catch up with friends, or if you’re looking for something more substantial, indulge with one of our freshly prepared stone baked pizzas, prepared in-house from the delightful dough to mesmerising mozzarella.

What’s more, there’s no need to worry about booking a table as we’ll always try our very best to find you a comfy spot. But, if you’re the organised type or a large party then pre-booking is recommended.


When you head down to your local watering hole, you’d expect the usual drinks variety; Wine, Beer, Cider and of course, Jaeger Bomb ingredients. But, what if you fancied something a little different? Maybe an exotic cocktail or a speciality whiskey?

At Mustard & Rye, our drinks selection far exceeds that of your average bar. From the deliciously sweet taste of Old-Mout to refreshing summer cocktails and the locally-sourced soothing warmth of Penderyn Whiskey, we have it all.