Because variety is the spice of life…

We know what some of you will be thinking, I hate sharing and we want to shame you people, because after all ‘variety is the spice of life’ and sharing is caring. We get it you wouldn’t want to share your gourmet steak dish but if you are ‘that person’ who goes for a Chinese, Indian or tapas with a group of friends and refuses to share then we reckon that you’re ‘well weird’.

We’re just saying, if you’re not a fan of the whole ‘sharing’ thing, we reckon it’s time you re-evaluate that by popping in and ordering from our sharing plates menu. Still not convinced, then read on…




Your conventional three course meal is a high pressure scenario. You get ‘one shot’ to make the right decision and what if you fancy more than one dish, you end up spending agonising minutes mulling over the decision. Then the dishes will arrive and you’ll have major food envy of your mate’s choices and will therefore spend the rest of the night in a ‘sea of despair’. With tapas you can avoid this minefield.

When you share a number of small plates, you’re massively upping the odds that you’re going to have a good time, it reduces risk of ‘FOMO’ because you get to try it ALL, and if you end up loving everything that’s on offer, well – you’ll probably end up having the best time of your life.


The variety is incredible, the food is fantastic and the staff are lovely!



There’s a time and a place for a formal sit down meal but sometimes you just want to eat, be merry and dance and let’s face it socialising isn’t that fun when you’re battling a ‘food coma’. With tapas you can enjoy loads of delicious little bites and the sharing even adds to the fun. Whether there’s two or 6 of you, tapas is a ‘partay’ in itself.


There are two ways of pulling this one off. Firstly, you can just be greedy and intentionally eat the most (dog eat dog). This strategy is risky however and you may loose friends to it. The second way? Go with friends who you know have a tiny appetite. Before you’ve even got started, they’ll be begging you to finish the rest to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Win win.


You know when you order a delicious dish but it isn’t designed for sharing, and you want to let everyone know exactly how good it is but can’t afford to let several bites go to charity?

Sharing your food means that you enjoy that experience together without having to sacrifice the portion.

Because there’s nothing like tasting something that blows your mind and looking your fellow diners intensely in the eyes as you nod in certain agreement that ‘yes, this food is bloody delicious’.


You know when all the dishes arrive at the table and it just screams #instapic loads of colourful dishes served on a variety of crockery, it’s the equivalent of a culinary carnival, stick a ‘valencia’ filter over it and you’ve got yourself at least 11 likes!

Plus the concept of sharing plates (tapas) hails from Spain and the Spanish are just cool – we all know it. For years beautiful Spaniards have been sitting around tables sharing their food in one big delicious fiesta. While us brits have been enjoying stuffy fine dining, the Spanish have been enjoying a party every dinner time!

So be sure to join us at Mustard & Rye and have your cake and eat it… because sharing is caring.