If it’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day then why not get yourself along to Swansea bay’s Mustard and Rye? With plenty on offer for every appetite – start your weekend the right way.

From Saturday to Sunday Mustard and Rye offer a scrumptious breakfast, served from 8.30am to midday, so even if you need that extra beauty sleep to recover from the week, you’ll have plenty of time to do so before heading down to enjoy a breakfast fit for a king.

First up on the menu is our Mighty Mustard breakfast which is sure to put you right after a long week or those few too many the night before. Feast on back bacon, pork sausages, button mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, fried eggs, beans, hash browns and of course no breakfast would be complete without thick-cut toast cooked to perfection. We also offer our speciality Welsh breakfast with fresh laverbread and cockles, a truly acquired taste for the humble Welshman.

If it’s something a little lighter you’re looking for, why not try the homemade classics of poached or scrambled eggs on toast, or even an omelette that you didn’t have to cook yourself! Feel free to add your favourites, we have a variety of extras on offer from ham and cheddar, bacon and cheddar as well as salmon and chives.

We know what you’re thinking. This all sounds delicious, but you were hoping to simply soak up your thoughts from the week on your regular bacon sarnie. Well fear not! We have the best brioche baps in Swansea bay – and they’re available to take away. So, if you fancied a stroll around the marina or a walk along the beach, then do so with one of our succulent baps. Choose from the mighty breakfast all-in-one or even the original bap with back bacon a fried egg and did someone say HP sauce?

 We understand that meat isn’t for everybody, and as such, we have of course catered for the vegetarians. Why not try our very own Mustard veggie breakfast with vegetarian sausages instead of regular, and of course if you didn’t fancy a big breakfast we also have a veggie brioche bap with vegetarian sausages, a flat mushroom and scrambled eggs.

Want that little bit more? Don’t worry you can customise your breakfast and double up on your sausage or even your eggs. We’ve always got enough for even our hungriest customers. So why not come down and try something new at Mustard and Rye and get those #morningvibes for the weekend.